Where Great Minds Converge and Great Schools Begin

Bringing the collective voice together.

What promises to be an unforgettable conference, the 2012 Midwest Great Lakes Regional event is fast-approaching!  Intereum is proud to be involved with this “UnConference” to help demonstrate the role and impact learning environments can have on education, especially with the great emphasis that’s being placed on the 21st Century classroom and student.  Just as quickly as technology can change and improve, it’s important to address the environment to keep it in a flexible, adaptable, and creatively engaging state of mind.

Kicking off the event, CEFPI has prepared the stage for speakers Curtis Johnson and Emily Pilloton.  Curtis Johnson is a managing partner with Education|Evolving and co-author of Disrupting Class. No stranger to education, Curtis had worked as a teacher for several years and then a community college president before becoming a managing partner with E|E.

With the excitement and energy generated from the first day, we’re lead into the second day of events with speaker Emily Pilloton, Founder and Executive Director of Studio H Instructor, and additionally an author of a book, Design Revolution.  Building up the conference in an un-traditional format, Emily will help shake up the norm and bring empowerment to the learning environments with design tools and techniques.

By now the audience is ready to get their hands dirty, we just know it! And this is where Intereum makes our grand entrance.  Provided in the Guthrie are tables, seating, and other education environment tools to begin working within the Mash Up session that have been provided by Intereum, a Premier Sponsor of the conference.  There are certainly going to be some questions on how classrooms can evolve to agile or flexible learning environments.   In this session, we’ll be able to visually address those pressing concerns and help bring the vision to life.  Enter Intereum’s drawing to win a Hokki Stool or a copy of The Third Teacher publication.

Hokki Stool by V/S

It can’t be stressed enough that this conference is something you don’t want to miss.  Check out CEFPI online to learn more about the schedule and while you’re there – get registered!  Intereum is excited to be participating so stay tuned for updates regarding some fun activities throughout the conference.

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