Getting to Know Intereum: Sue Weisberg (Update)

April 18, 2013: Travel Update
There’s a lot of ground that can be covered in a year, and no one may know that better than our travel guru, Sue.  In just a year’s time, she spent a week in Paris (her first trip to the City of Light) with a Road Scholar tour, followed by a few days in Amsterdam; took a trip with her husband to Vancouver, B.C., Canada in January to visit family who have emigrated from Cape Town, South Africa over the past 30 years or so; enjoyed a 4-day weekend in Havana, Cuba; and is currently preparing for a cycling trip from Bruges to Amsterdam in mid-May.

Traveling brings great perspective and enrichment while discovering new cultures and lifestyles.  In this post (which should be appropriately titled “Where in the World is Sue?”), we learn about her time in Havana, Cuba when she traveled there on a licensed tour in February.  Sue described Cuba’s capital as surprising, lively and beautiful.  Their Cuban guide, Hijo, couldn’t have provided a more balanced, knowledgeable, energetic (and often hilarious) exploration of Havana, enhanced by valuable insights into Cuba’s past, present and the possibilities for its future.

The architecture around Havana holds a lot of history, and even behind some of the stone that’s chipping away, you can still see and feel the vibrant flair of the culture. Wandering through some plazas, renovations were underway with old cathedrals being turned into hotels or a new splash of color going up.  It’s a bustling town with street vendors out selling fruit, a farmer’s market setting up in town, and then come the weekend, the sizzling Tropicana. Enjoy the scenes from Cuba below thanks to Sue!

Outdoor dining at a restaurant.

Outdoor dining on the plaza; a lovely state-run restaurant is upstairs. The napping dog never moved!

Cathedral with remarkable architecture.

Cathedral with remarkable architecture.

Polished taxis get the best fares in town. This restored 1950's Chevy is identical to the one Sue first learned how to drive on.

Lovingly restored, polished taxis like this one get the best fares in town. This pristine 1950’s Buick is identical the one Sue first learned how to drive on.

White restored Chevy, another similar to one that Sue's family had while growing up.

White restored Chevy, another one similar to what Sue’s family had while growing up.

Colorful architecture.

Colorful architecture and elaborate ironwork are characteristic of most neighborhoods in the city.

Street vendors selling fruit.

These street-side fruit vendors are typical of small-scale entrepreneurs throughout Havana.

Every night the Cubans shoot off a cannon as part of a victory celebration.

Local Cubans at the nightly celebration where a cannon is traditionally shot off.

Cuban architecture.

Cuban architecture.

Garden and art.

A gorgeous oasis of greenery and art in the courtyard of a contemporary gallery.

Venturing into a plaza with renovations happening. Lots of color!

Venturing into a plaza with renovations happening. Lots of color!

Fear of Nostalgia - Photograph

Fear of Nostalgia – Photograph

Book sale.

There’s always a book sale in this park. Cuba has an enviable literacy rate of 98%!

A popular bar. Grab a mojito, write your name on the wall, and enjoy the music with the locals.

A popular bar: Grab a mojito, write your name on the wall, and enjoy the music with the locals.

A very pink taxi.

A very pink taxi. Every day there was perfect convertible weather!

Local farmer's market.

Local farmer’s market on a busy Saturday morning. Most farms are organic, and the produce is fabulous!

Tropicana entertainers.

Entertainers at the Tropicana, a classic Las Vegas-style nightclub that has been packing them in since 1939.

April 13, 2012
This next showcase of Intereum’s talent is someone who just about anyone here wouldn’t know what to do without.  Her name is Sue and she is our admirable resource librarian.  Sue brings a breath of fresh air to the office with her calm demeanor, vast knowledge of the industry, and passion for art and design.  And that’s just the start of it.

There are many characteristics and traits that make her our rock-solid support and an invaluable resource to our sales and design teams.  Much of Sue’s career has been in one way or another related to the furniture side of business and after a six month blink-of-the-eye retirement from it all, she found herself back working with furniture, but this time as Intereum’s resource librarian!  Sue is always staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest design trends and offerings from our vendors, and she stays busy training the interns on the endless responsibilities of the library.

Take a closeup on Sue and you’ll discover her love for travel, adventure, and people around the world.  It’s hard to think of a corner on this earth she hasn’t been to, but somehow her list keeps growing and growing.  In just a few weeks she’s leaving to bike from Amsterdam to Bruges, Belgium!

Amsterdam to Bruges photo courtesy of Google Maps.

What she loves about traveling is seeing how people live, work, socialize, and appreciating what brings them great pride in their country.  When asked how her adventures have impacted her work, she indicates that while it hasn’t been a day-to-day thing, “it is helpful to expand the view of the world even if your world doesn’t get bigger.  To understand who is out there, what they have done to change the world. Traveling gives better views of the world and where everyone fits in”.  What an inspiration!  Sue couldn’t be a better fit for Intereum, and with all of the knowledge and passion she has to share, we sure are fortunate to have such a great resource for our Intereum team and customers.

Around the world with Sue in a few snapshots, enjoy!

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