MASS Design Group: Building to Heal Communities

Our world is becoming smaller and smaller each and every day.  With borders shrinking between countries, the ease of travel, and the flow of technology, people, cultures, and societies are becoming more connected. What happens in remote corners of the earth now has a global impact.  And unequivocally, our society is our world.

Photo courtesy of Herman Miller, Better World Report

Herman Miller’s former CEO, Max DePree, shed light on this topic when he said, “We can not live our lives isolated from the needs of society”.  At the core of Herman Miller’s values lay the dimensions of the Better World program:  To build a better world around you through environmental advocacy, inclusiveness and diversity, health and well-being, and community service.  In this spirit, Herman Miller announced a partnership with the MASS Design Group in October 2011, a company who’s breadth of design spans from the brick they lay to the hearts they touch.  This alliance brings both organization’s philosophy of human-centered designs to center stage by using space to contribute to better health.  MASS Design Group’s formed friendship will be supported by Herman Miller’s employee volunteer program in which they’ll provide resources and employee support to Haiti and Rwanda.

So what exactly does MASS Design Group do?  Put simply, they design buildings to heal communities.  But even while being put simply, this is no simple task.

Photo courtesy of MASS Design Group

Photo courtesy of MASS Design Group

Photo courtesy of MASS Design Group

Photo courtesy of MASS Design Group

Their vision of a healthy community doesn’t end at laying the last brick in their buildings, it’s a process that is outlined by three sectors.  It is through appropriate design, local investment, and innovation that makes healing communities possible.  MASS has been so effective at this that organizations and people around the world are standing in awe and being inspired by the design group’s heart, passion, vision and beauty.  It’s also no wonder why MASS is the 2012 Contract Designer of the Year.  Congratulations and thank you for all you have done and continue to do!

Take a look at this video and learn more about MASS, it’s worth the watch!

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