Coming to Intereum – Blueprint to Thrive Sessions!

For many, a chair is just a place to sit during the day. But high performance work chairs can make all the difference in how knowledge workers feel and work throughout the day.

Join us at Intereum’s facility for a Herman Miller event, Blueprint to Thrive. What’s in it for you – the Health and Safety Officer, Facility Manager, and A+D Designers – you might ask? Well grab a seat, we’ll tell you. 

Dr. Brock Walker will help you explore and understand the science of PostureFit(TM) and why the benefits are so vital to those that work seated for most of the day.  Through demonstrations, participants will see firsthand the benefits of proper seated posture in regards to personal health, and why it is important to have a work chair with customizable support for all four sections of the spine.  Bill Dowell, a certified professional ergonomist, will join the presentation to make sure you all stay comfortable.

There’s no science test to follow but rather a fabulous giveaway featuring a SAYL chair and brand new LED light – the 360 – that you can enter to win. And as an added bonus, you’ll be getting some goodies from the presentation just for being part of the captive audience!

For more information or to register for this event, send an email to Amy Clausen at Intereum. Remember, Intereum is a Herman Miller Certified Network Dealer, allowing us to offer you the best in product knowledge and service from start to finish.  We’ve got your back (pun intended)!

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