Making Dreams a Reality

Somewhere between our innovative, quality products and our highly skilled staff are hundreds of more reasons why Intereum stands out against other furniture suppliers and dealers in the Twin Cities.  Our Custom Shop is included in that long list!


Staffed by some great guys that will take on any challenge that comes their way and who would know their way around a shop with their eyes closed (not highly recommended, but the case is there!).  The crew will take on custom projects big or small, from one-of-a-kind reception desks to cutting and fitting a void in a panel to access power.  No matter your wish or dream, rest assured that this team will figure out how to make it become a reality.

Check out some of their work!  You’ll notice that they are so good that looking at some of these pictures their work is seamless against the rest of the product!


Above reception station has a custom curved work surface and a custom front lower panel to match the curve of the work surface.


The station above has a custom cut in the surface where our crew made a custom light drawer to view X-Rays.


Above, a custom piece is cut to fit a panel wall snug to a heater.


Above is another custom storage piece where nurses would put containers for testing.  The storage openings create access to send and receive from either side without having to walk around the work areas.

If you have any custom needs or ideas feel free to contact us.  We’d love to explore solutions with you!

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