It’s back and how it was meant to be! Eames Aluminum Patio Furniture.

With weather as beautiful as we have been having this time of year, the itch to get outside and enjoy nature becomes greater and greater with each sunshine filled day!  The chatter of patio happy hours and starting the ol’ charcoal grill up again is filling the air and the evening schedules.  So, instead of taking the dirty-spider-weebed patio furniture out of storage again this year, why don’t you take a look at the beautifully iconic Eames Aluminum Chairs. 

Originally, these pieces were designed to be used out doors, but with lines, comfort and structure like this it was only a short amount of time before the outdoors were brought into the living room and office!  The outdoor Eames Aluminum Chairs were designed not only to make up for the lack of beautiful and high quality patio furniture, but it was actually designed specifically for a house owned by industrialist J. Irwin Miller in 1958, whose architect was none other than Eero Saarinen!   Herman Miller’s own textile designer Alexander Girard was the interior designer on the project and brought a stunning and brilliant array of color, texture, and folk art into the home.  What a collaboration..Eames, Saarinen, and Girard (brilliant)!!

J. Irwin Miller house


J. Irwin Miller House. Eames Aluminum Outdoor/Indoor Furniture

Shortly after being introduced to the world the chairs began being produced using many different types of textiles including the most iconic of them all being leather.  Finally, after more than 50 years the chairs are being created for their original design intent again.  It’s not hard to imagine these beauts out doors on anyones patio!  If you are interested in learning more or ordering some new patio furniture please contact us at Intereum!  We’d love to help!

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