Back in 2004 Intereum was impacted by a book written by Jim Collins called, ‘From Good to Great.’  This book held many little golden nuggets in it that molded our culture.  So much so, that each new employee is given a copy of this book at his or her start date.  One of the concepts that has established its mainstay here in the office is the story about two small creatures.  Cozy up for a quick story about the fox vs the hedgehog.  The fox in his cunning and sneaky ways is always trying to come up with the next great idea.  The hedgehog on the other hand does one thing…and he does it really really well.  In the midst of a prowl, when the fox is using his most sly abilities, the hedgehog rolls himself into a ball to outwit the fox in attack.  Time and time again, despite all the different ways the fox will create to attack the hedgehog, the hedgehog will do his one and only trick over and over again.  A Greek quote about these two goes a little like this, “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”

Hedgehog Concept Diagram

From this story came Intereum’s mascot, Hedgie the Hedgehog.  Hedgie made his appearances at all sort of company events and we all even got emails from the guy.  In 2008 Hedgie’s role changed around here and he started giving out awards to people who went above and beyond their job to surpass client’s expectations of Intereum.

Intereum’s mascot Hedgie and some of his appearances throughout the years!

We’ve seen him wear many different hats and capes around here and we just went through another revamp to him.  During this makeover we have tried to create an award process that is easier and more fun!  We now have added an online form making it easy for coworkers to give Hedgie awards to their colleagues and the givers will also be rewarded and encouraged with a gift.  We have also blocked out an hour each month where we have a little work party to celebrate the Hedgies if the month and pick three winners who receive $50 and a ‘Rock-Star’ parking spot!  We all know it’s nice to have a little something-something for that extra motivation and through all this we hope to create an even better working environment with even better service and results!  Thanks to all of the employees at Intereum for going above and beyond and thank you to Hedgie for our moments of recognition!

Intereum’s Hedgie Award Wall

Intereum’s Hedgie Award Wall

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