Living Life Unframed

When Yves Behar set out to design a chair for Herman Miller his inspiration became his concept, that became his design, that became a wider lens to view the progression of human potential.  Whoa, and we just thought it was a chair.

Early on in the design process his inspiration came from the infamous suspension bridge of San Francisco.  He noticed that the structural towers and cable system of the Golden Gate Bridge carried a tremendous amount of weight day-in and day-out.  From this realization he began to play with the idea and possibility that a chair could be engineered with a similar frame of mind…where vertical support and a cable back creates tension and comfort, all while eliminating the need for a traditional frame.  Unframed.  This beautiful foundation of the SAYL chair created a wider view not only on design, but on the view of humanity, what Yves describes as, ‘An amusing parallel between the SAYL’s literally ‘unframed’ suspension back, and my belief that we humans progress by ‘unframed’ expressions of our potential – by taking on bigger challenges, defying convention, and going beyond work or social expectations.  Somewhere along the way, SAYL started to feel just like the beginning of a bigger idea, ‘life unframed’ being accessible to more of us…’

The final and tangeable product from this deep exploration gave the world a chair that demonstrates the comfort and beauty that can be embraced by living unframed.  We know we have a wonderful product and story to share, thanks to Yves and all those that helped create the SAYL, and we at Intereum would love to offer this story and way of life with you.  Our 100th blog is coming up and we want you to stay tuned via Facebook and Twitter with how to win a free custom SAYL chair from Intereum!

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