Getting to know Intereum: Kim, our own Certified Ergonomic Technician

Our family at Intereum is made up of many talented and unique individuals that separates us from other furniture dealers around the Twin Cities.  We are proud of and value each of us that make Intereum a whole.  We want to show ’em off and tell ya about them!

 The first employee we want to introduce you to and get to know is Kim.  She is our own in-house certified Ergonomic Technician, which means that Kim has the best knowledge and know-how of the way people can work the most comfortably and healthiest in their office space. 


Kim works mostly with several of our large customers, but upon request of any client, Kim will come out to their office for a meeting to discuss their current aches, pains, or general concerns.  Depending on the aconcerns of the client she will suggest alternatives such as chair adjustments; keyboard and mouse trays; sit to stand surfaces; and other ergonomic solutions for the space.  Kim will also educate the client on the best positions for the body to be in throughout the day. 

Turns out if we just listen to our bodies we will find that it is best for the body to be in different positions throughout the day.  But did you know there are two ergonomically accepted positions to sit in?  Kim does.  In fact she told me the first way is to have your feet flat on the floor and legs and arms at a 90 degree angle with your head facing straight.  As ergonomically correct as the first position is, we know it is pretty hard to hold this position the whole day and that it is not good for you body to do so.  The second accepted position is lounging in a chair.  The upper body is leaned back in the chair and the arms and legs are still at 90 degrees.  Still, with these two healthy ways to sit, don’t forget to get up and move throughout the day..give your body a rest! 

I asked Kim what the most common errors she sees when she assesses how people work in their spaces and she filled me in that the most common error people make is sitting with their chair too far back from their key boards, causing them to stretch their arms and in doing so, stretching just about the whole rest of their body to reach.  Also, she sees a lot of people perching on the end of the chairs so they aren’t using all the potential benefits of the seat and back of their chairs for comfort.  An easy fix for these common errors is to sit back in your chair, making the proper adjustments for the 90 degrees of the arms and legs, move it closer to your desk and slide monitors to about arms length awat, so there isn’t any additional strain on the eyes or body.

Kim’s enthusiasm and cheerfulness combined with her knowledge of ergonomics makes her an outstanding individual in a specialized niche of design.  What she loves about her job is making a positive impact on the health of people’s lives at work and the catalyst effect that has on their lives after 5pm and on the weekends.  If you find yourself needing a special ergonomic assessment, please feel free to contact us and Kim would be more than happy to come out and help you create a healthy and happy work environment for you and your body.  After all, we are all about Better Ways to Work!

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