Magis, Mattiazzi, and Herman Miller. Three chairs get accepted to the San Francisco MOMA

The collaboration between Herman Miller and the Italian furniture companies Magis (meaning, ‘more than’ in Latin) and Mattiazzi has created a beautiful array of choices for the indoors and out, the lounge, the cafe, the classroom, the lobby, and any sort of meeting area. 


Magis combines craft and industrial processes to produce some of the most stunning and affordable designs.  The process which Magis stands by uses less material and less energy and thus naturally reflects Herman Millers commitment to the environment and a quality product.

Mattiazzi’s focus is also on the beautiful craft of furniture making.  An interesting take on their process though, is that Mattiazzi allows for each one of their mills to have a focus passion..from milling to lacquering and each one of those processes belongs to a specific park of town.  They have highly specialized craftsman that use some of the most sophisticated machinery available to the industry all while never missing to show the artisan of any tool used.   

Recently all of this hard work and vision of the furniture companies and their joint venture with Herman Miller has paid off in a way that the San Francisco MOMA has decided to accept 3 chairs between the two companies into their collection!



The first chair is Branca from Mattiazzi.  Stemming it’s name from its concept, the Branca was inspired by the form of tree branches.  The seat and back are carved from a single piece of wood and the joints are seamless..see the beautiful process in the video below. 

Branca is stackable and it’s simple and beautiful design in made for every day use.  This chair come in a Matte black anilin beech, white anilin ash, matte black anilin ash, green wax ash, natural wax ash, and chocolate with natural ash seat.  For another aesthetic the Branca is also offered upholstered with a Nordic wool seat in black/dark grey, grey/white, lime/dark green, and orange/white threads. 


The next chair is made by Magis and is called the Steelwood chair.  The chair is both handsome and friendly as it combines the warmth of wood and the strength and durability of steel.  The designers of the chair, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, say that; “If the chair could talk it would say, ‘I am a well-constructed, comfortable chair, one that will last a long time and will grow old quite nicely with you.”‘

This dapper chair is available in red, black, white and in natural wood choices of beech and white, beech and black. 


The last of the three chairs making its debut at the San Francisico MOMA is the sleek and versatile Deja-vu Chair.  This chair is simple and smart with its ultramodern simple lines and has an almost endless amount of options for really does have the availability to fit in any space!

The finishes of the Deja-vu include a plastic outer back in black or white.  Or a wooden outer back in oak veneer or oak stained wenge wood.  You can have a painted aluminum outer back in black or white and have the legs and seat in black or white! 

With three unique and beautiful chairs that uphold a tradition of craftmanship and innovation it is no wonder that these chairs would end up in a museum.  If you’d like to purchase or learn more about one of these lovely chairs contact us here!

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