Luxo Light 360

We have another new and exciting product that we are introducing to our family line at Intereum…the Luxo Light 360!  Luxo has a way of designing and producing some of the best quality and some of the most iconic task lights in the world, but the 360 is not another Luxo light famed by Pixar..

Pixar's famous animaton of Luxo light..but NOT the 360.

But by an American industrial designer named Stephan Copeland who was inspired by the motion of a flying disc to make the 360 Light. 

Stephen Copeland

And this inspired flying disc light literally has everything you could want in illuminating your work area.  But we’ll start at the beginning of the long list of great characteristics for this new guy…

360 Pivot and Reach

 First, as the name suggests, the Luxo 360 has the ability to adjust and pivot at any degree and the long length of the flexible spring balanced pivoting arm will ensure light in any direction at any place.  This provides an asymmetric and ergonomically correct workstation lighting. 

 Also, the 360 light has a 6.5 Watt LED module is placed in a horizontal lamp head, which gives a broad directional light that is soft on the eyes and strong on the shedding light on the worksurface without any ‘peacocking’ or excessive shadowing.  The Luxo 360 is dimmable and saves energy by automatically shutting itself off after 9 hours! The dimmable LED module has a life span of 50,000 hours…that’s 6,250 business days! Whoa-dang.

360 Movement

 Finally, the task light is made of aluminum and comes in 3 classic colors including black, white, and silver.  This light is definitely worth taking a look at, so c’mon over to Intereum and we’d love to show off another one of our awesome products!

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