live & Breathe DIRTT

Breathe Living Wall is among the newest and latest innovations to the  modular wall solutions by DIRTT.  The idea behind the Breathe Wall is to incorporate plants and all of their natural benefits into the work environment.  The positive influences surrounding the Breathe wall stems from studies and research done on the effects of plants in spaces, such as their ability to clean the harmful VOC and other toxic elements out of the air by 75%…even better than any HVAC system!  With that in mind, it’s obviously doesn’t give off any other harmful compounds into the air to generate clean air the way a HVAC system would. 

Aside from cleaning the air, plantscapes naturally have a way to create healing and pleasant spaces, creating an even deeper space built on the wellbeing of the occupants.  The options that you can have through DIRTT of plants vary from size, color, and texture are just about endless so the wall can easily become a beautiful one of a kind art installations

Breathe Wall is built on the same ideas of modularity as the rest of the DIRTT systems.  It has box-type plant modulars and a different type of watering system depending on the size of the installation.  The pots are discrete and the watering system is separate unit for ease of maintenance.  The soil used isn’t even purely soil, but is combined with a biofungicide to prevent root diseases.  The compound is airier than dirt and minimizes soil born insects.  All of these components combined create a beautiful, smart, and clean living and Breathing Wall!

Want more information??  Contact our DIRTT bags here at Intereum!

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