Dirtt is Pretty

Have you heard of DIRTT?? Not the stuff the kids and dog always seem to drag in despite all efforts to ‘TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES!’  DIRTT stands for Do It Right This Time and refers to an overall-one-of-a-kind, creative and sustainable solution to modular walls and access floors. 

No, but seriously it really embodies all of those characteristics because DIRTT never does the same project twice, every day is a different story.  The multi layer solution of structure, aesthetic, technology, and application helps create endless possibilities to fit your needs just right.  The wall system can seamlessly support work surfaces, overheads, displays, and any other mounted object that you need!  And because the walls are pre-engineered, pre-manufactured and has endless possibilities as far as function and aesthetics..your wish really is DIRTT‘s command and they wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Because DIRTT doesn’t abide to the ol’ fashioned way of making walls-using among other things endless amounts of gypsum board, tape, nails, it can pretty much eliminate construction waste, future renovation waste.  There is no demolition, dumping, procuring, or re-building which makes for a beautiful environmental story…not to mention a nice bottom line for you!

These walls create such a valuable and forward thinking solution to interiors that Intereum has our own DIRTT team!  If you’d like to see this system for yourself, swing by our showroom.  And if you want to chat with an expert in this DIRTT field contact us to get a hold of our DIRTT Bag staff at Intereum!

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