Framing Our Future..Intereum at the AIA convention

Intereum was really busy at AIA’s 77th Annual Convention and Product Exposition last week at the Minneapolis Convention Center!  AIA named the theme for the event, “Framing our Future.”  Because of the recent economic conditions, architects and designer have had to re-examine how they practice and go to market.  The AIA show was dedicated on putting a positive spin on the future of the industry by focusing on ‘What’s next.’

 We had FOUR spaces  and co-sponsored a CEU event with DIRTT.  Our fab four spaces included: The Retro Lounge, The Futuristic Lounge, The Intereum Booth and The DIRTT Booth.  As per usual–we have some new and exciting things going on around the office and at Herman Miller and these spaces only represented small windows into the future of furniture and design.

But let’s be honest here…a lot of looking into the future is about looking at the past.  And so, the apple never falls too far from the tree and the old is being reflected and revamped in The Retro Lounge.  In this beautifully updated mod space Herman Miller Classics are being brought to life again with new materials…giving these ol’ beauts a little face lift and in some cases allowing pieces to shine in the original design intent.  The ‘Collection’ will be made available January 2012…just in time to refresh the upcoming years Christmas list.  Oh and by the way, AIA loved our Retro Loundge so much that they appointed it Office of the President and Pres. Elect!

The Retro Lounge

Looking forward and using these beautiful classic pieces in collaboration spaces makes an opportunity for the ‘golden nuggets’ of the technology and innovation to bring these group spaces full circle.  In The Futuristic Lounge technology like the Simo IMX is being showcased as an informal meeting and collaboration hub with built-in computer and communication technology.  The space also introduced a few other new products including stools from the new Magis collection and even the Patcraft Carpet Tiles put some eye candy on the floor.

The Futuristic Lounge


The Intereum Booth and The DIRTT Booth were connected and displayed a beautiful creation of flexible interiors and rapid construction.  “The New Rules” by Robert Propst was showcased along with animations of flexible interiors specifically in education and healthcare.  THe DIRTT Breathe Wall and ICE Technology became the boundaries of the space and some show stopping furniture pieces included the Embody Chair and Sayl Chair, the HMI L-Cart, and the Everywhere Table.

The Intereum and DIRTT Booth

We had a great time at this years show and we were so honored to be part of the exhibit!  We received great feedback from everyone on our spaces, so thank you to all!!

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