HOKKI Stool by VS

In a world where teamwork and modular environments are defining spaces at work AND school,we need new ways to look at how we use furniture in those places.  The HOKKI Stool by VS is ideal for just these situations and was developed specifically to be used in the classroom. 

The ergonomic stool makes stationary sitting into an activity!  With a convex base that can easily tilt any-which-way, the HOKKI is a fabulous tool to get the blood flowing for brainstorming and collaboration.  The ease of movement on this stool increases simple physical movement while enhancing the well-being and the intellectual maturing process in students.  By allowing students to make these small movements during class, the HOKKI is actually increasing their concentration!  At the work place, HOKKI becomes a comfortable seating alternitive and has replaced the yoga ball as an ergonomic seating solution.

The materials used in the stool makes it ideal to be used in impromptu gatherings at the work place and by children in schools.  HOKKI is made of polypropylene that makes it not only extremely light, but also extremely stable.  This material also is very easy to clean (great for schools where germs are so easily transferred!) and is wear-resistant..child proven!  The soft convex base prevents slipping and the top surface of the stool has a layer of foam that ensures safety while sitting and tilting. 

Come into our showroom and test one of these out for yourself and you will be impressed!  Or to get a quote now click here!

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