Collaboration and SIMO IMX

 Let’s talk collaboration.  By now I’m sure you have all heard somewhere down the line about the importance of collaboration in the work place.  It turns out the boomer generation idea of depicting hierarchy of individuals in the work environment through offices and cubicles has become slightly passé, or so says Bill Winchester creative director at Lindsay, Stone & Briggs (click to see that article).

 Studies have shown time and time again bringing down the cubicle walls and creating places where ideas and communication can easily, casually, and naturally flow between workers makes a space that embraces knowledge, learning, creativity, productivity, and need I say happiness?!!   People become more approachable when it can be easily seen if they are available to talk to or ask questions with.  This then creates a situation where people are sharing ideas and problem solving together.  Also, with the idea that people can be more easily observed comes the idea that people can learn by body language.  For example, when people are able to work near one another in less visually obstructed spaces one is able to see how others communicate and solve problems with one another, or how tools or technology can be used to finish work.  Being able to bounce ideas off one another or have a place where brainstorming can be easily presented and discussed among each other makes for a trail of idea catalysts for creative thoughts.  As far as productivity, studies have proven that working together and eliminating the bottle necks that technology can create for ongoing communication, projects that would typically take 3-9 months are only taking days to complete!  Now that’s efficient!!!  Finally, all of these aspects of creating a more collaborative work environment increases a person’s happiness in the workforce!  At the end of the day, that’s something to be proud of. 


At Intereum we have a plethora of different types of collaborative spaces in our show room; the newest piece is the Simo IMX

 The new kid on the block is a fabulous piece of technology and furniture combined that enhances group think and collaboration.  On one end is a rounded end peninsula surface that can be easily adjusted by the touch of the button to be at standing or sitting height.  It also becomes a touch down area for technology where multiple computers may be plugged in and presented on the larger screen connected to the table.  There is also a HD camera built in under the large screen where video conferences can be captures. Now on the other side of this pretty little gem is a white board.  This creates another opportunity for a place people can easily gather around and share ideas! 

Check out the video for yourself…this thing really is AMAZING!!

Feel free to come into our showroom to check out the Simo IMX for yourself!! We’d love to have ya!  And while you are here, take a gander at our other niches of collaboration.

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