Inspiration through observation

And that’s how Studio 7.5 in Berlin approached the design of the ever so flexible to use and user Setu chair.  Traditional chair design stems from the idea for a chair that molds into the world that it will be used in, but not the Setu chair.  The innovators in Berlin let the environment around us become the shaping element to develop the contours and overall performance of the Setu.

The Team at Studio 7.5

The Team at Studio 7.5

Keeping in mind the way the working world works these days…in more collaborative spaces, with more people, in smaller spaces, and not nearly as much indivitudal space there needed to be a chair that could fit all of these spaces and everyday work situations.  A chair that was flexible to the use and the person sitting in it.  A chair easily brought from one space to the other.  A chair that’s comfort was not going to be compromised for aesthetic.

Diagram and Inspration for Setu

Diagram and Inspration for Setu

Collaboration meets innovation.  Design meets comfort.  Meet Setu

Upholstered and colorful Setu

Setu’s kinetic spine bends and flexes easily to each move.  There’s nothing to adjust, tighten, tilt, turm or fiddle with on this chair.  Setu adapts itself to fit you as the elastomeric fabric conforms to your curves.

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