Healthcare Seminar and Award Winning Bedside Table

Last Thursday we at Intereum, along with Herman Miller, hosted a CEU Healthcare seminar to learn about the up and coming healthcare trends and facility issues.  The speaker was Kathy Okland with a line of supporting credentials after her name includeing; RN, MPH, EDAC, NA…this lady knows what she’s talking about! 


A few of the things we learned regarding the future of healthcare include the obvious enormous amount of spending on health care each year by the US.  A future approach to help this problem is to use a tried and true method called LEAN, invented in the 1930’s by those revolutionary guys at Toyota and used by many companies since then including Herman Miller.  With LEAN the method is to eliminate what is not producing value..the bottle necks..and focus on the more productive and resourceful attributes.  In the current healthcare trends it has been proven that with a more Connected patient/professional interaction the patients have and overall more positive health outcomes! 


And with the baby boomers that just keep a-boomin’ it has left the healthcare industry scrambling trying to meet their needs.  This shortage of healthcare professionals to baby boomer + the rest of us leads us towards a trend that will increase the need for technology to provide self-monitoring, remote monitoring, e-visits and virtual caregiving, as well as documenting out own personal healthcare records.  Which all means more technology integration and robotics to assist in the new wave of caregiving.

Herman Miller and Nemschoff listened to the need and importance of having a positive interaction from patient to professional in the healthcare field and designed an over the bedside table that would better meet the patients’ needs and only add to a more positive working environment for the nurses in Doctors. The Oasis Overbed Table.  This bedside table showed its purpose and performance through it’s design so well that it won the 2011 Best of NeoCon!!


This overbed table provides dedicated compartments to organize healthcare items while leaving space for the patient to have store their own items.  Also, it’s design eliminates overcrowding patients and allows for more quests in the room as well as easy mobility of the care taker.

Chief Operating Officer Kent Gawart put it best in accepting the award and said, “Nemschoff and Herman Miller Healthcare share the common goal of utilizing space efficiency to support the continuum of care, Receipt of this honor further confirms we have the groundbreaking solutions that put patients, their caregivers, and family first.”

And that is design you can stand behind, or lay comfortably in a hospital bed behind!

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