Newbie to the Herman Miller family…Rodney Monitor Arm is here!!

That’s right people.  Those guys up at Herman Miller did a little bit of what they do best: a little research, a little problem solving and a whole lotta design and here’s what they came up with…

Rodney’s not just any monitor arm.  No, this guy has already won awards for his ergonomic design and easy-on-the-pocket bottom line.  His self-balancing VESA mount mechanism makes for a light touch adjustment to reduce glare and the ability to change the height of the monitor for comfort.

Just take a look for yourself….

Other noteworthy characteristics of the Rodney Monitor Arm include:

*Due to his design the Rodney requires less manufacturing materials and there for less packaging making him more environmentally friendly.

*Is able to support a single monitor screen weighing up to 18.7 pounds.

*Has 24degrees of ergonomic tilt range, 480degrees of pan range and an entire 360degrees of rotation.

*Rodney comes with integrated cable management for a clear workspace and aesthetic.

*And to install this bad boy couldn’t be any easier, you just take him out of the box and clamp him to your worksurface!

*Finally, Rodney was designed by ergonomic and designed focused Colebrook Bosson Saunders Ltd, so you know it will be an automatic gold  star.


Rodney might be the new guy on campus, but with all these stats he is obviously here to stay!

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