Luxo Alliance: The Right Light for Eye Sight

At Intereum, we believe every healthy personal work space has personal lighting.  Not having it affects comfort, concentration and overall performance.  Herman Miller and the Thrive Portfolio have formed a new alliance with Luxo, a world recognized designer and manufacturer of lighting products for over 75 years. We are excited to announce that with this alliance comes three new LED lights.

Luxo - The Right Light

The three new LED lights are named the Ovelo, Ninety and Terea. These adjustable personal task lights solve many problems.  Now, adjusting your task light to create a perfectly lit environment is easier than ever.  No more sacrificing light for body positioning and comfort.  Screen glare? Where?  These lights feature evenly distributed light which can significantly decrease screen glare and lower eye fatigue.

Ovelo - Ninety - Terea

Ovelo – Effortless movement allows light to fall exactly where you need it.
Ninety – Already energy efficient, this light also has auto shut off features to ensure energy savings.
Terea – Combines energy efficiency, compact design and ergonomics with effort free tilt and complete flexibility with the head of the light.

From young eyes to old, Luxo lights work better for everyone.  To find out more on Luxo,  click here.

Contact your Intereum representative or click here to find out how, together with Thrive, Luxo lights can transform your work areas to have better ergonomics and better efficiency.

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