Intereum Custom Shop: Your Dream is Our Command

Intereum offers several services to provide a complete, turn-key solution to our clients. For the most unique project requirements, we rely on our highly skilled and experienced craftsmen in the Custom Shop. They consistently produce quality results in modifying standard furniture, refurbishing and repairing existing furniture, and custom product manufacturing.

Here at Intereum, we think outside of the box – literally! If a manufacturer cannot ship a product exactly how our client wants it, our Custom Shop can usually figure out a way to modify it. If a workstation requires an unusual worksurface shape, our Shop employees can most likely fabricate it. We see customizations as opportunities, not obstacles!

Intereum’s Custom Shop can also create unique products “from scratch”. So from custom granite counters to curved laminate modesty panels, our skilled craftsmen love to get creative!

Next time you dream of an office furniture solution you think cannot be done, e-mail or call 763-417-3300 and we will do our best to prove that it can!


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