Meridian Filing and Storage: Stack, Swap, Sit, Socialize

Herman Miller has just released a video that excellently portrays the endless possibilities that the Meridian Filing and Storage products offer. Please view by clicking the video image below, and let us know what you think in the comments box below. Imagine how your office could use this system to create gathering, sharing and meeting spaces!

Click here to view!

Herman Miller’s Meridian Filing and Storage product line offers much more than incredibly efficient storage solutions. It provides boundaries and places to gather and share information. Instead of being built-in standard two, three, four and five-high units, the Meridian system is composed of individual modules, stacked and organized to a configuration that can fit any space’s needs. Stack them one to six modules high. Place them side-by-side. Make each module face reverse directions. Put a cushion top and legs on one module, or a planter on top of three modules. With Meridian, the historic leader of filing and storage, the possibilities are endless!

The flexibility and creativity with Meridian Filing and Storage does not end after the initial installation. If there is one concept Herman Miller understands and implements well, it is the constantly changing office environment. Since the system is module-based, the configurations are easily changed within the space as the office needs change throughout the years.

Interested in thinking outside of the unitized box? Contact us at or call our office. Or request a quote here, on our website!

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