Herman Miller Work Chairs: Meet the Whole Flock (Part One)

In our previous post, “Aeron PostureFit™: Leave Perching to the Birds“, we discussed the innovative, ergonomic qualities of Herman Miller’s Aeron chair. The Aeron chair started a movement at Herman Miller to further investigate how to support the human body at work. The research did not end there. Herman Miller went on to produce four more human-centric work chairs: the Mirra, Celle, Embody and SAYL. Today we will focus on the Mirra and Celle chairs.


The Mirra builds upon the success of the Aeron’s sacral support and focuses on the kinematic tilt. The Harmonic tilt keeps all the pivot points in a seated body in line through each angle of recline. It does this by keeping the 2:1 relationship of the back to seat no matter how far the sitter tilts.


 The Celle combines the PostureFit™ and Harmonic tilt to provide a truly ergonomic seat. The cellular structure of the seat and back was designed by Jerome Caruso not only to provide thermal comfort, but also to neutralize pressure points.

Visit www.intereum.com to learn more about our seating offerings or request a quote. To schedule an appointment to try these chairs yourself, e-mail betterwaystowork@intereum.com or give us a call!

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