A DIRTT Solution

DIRTT Glass Markerboards

DIRTT Glass Markerboards

Working with one of our Healthcare clients on a demountable wall solution stretched DIRTT’s flexibility in a whole new way.  The space was chosen, the dimensions were measured and the product was ordered – all designed for a space to house Manager and Nurse workstations.  Once the product arrived, the client decided that they wanted to change the use of the space to be a Security Room and two offices in the receiving area.  We were able to make this happen by using what was ordered for the original install.  The moral of the story is that DIRTT is as flexible as they’ve been telling us!

DIRTT Solution - Security Room and Offices

DIRTT Solution - Security Room and Offices

Some of the highlights from the install:

  • Used standard DIRTT colors – no COM or color matches
  • Back painted glass markerboards
  • Used antlers to hang Herman Miller Action Office
  • Anodized aluminum trim, connections and door frames
  • Sliding barn doors
  • Clerestory (glass window at the top of the install)
  • The DIRTT ran from the floor to the ceiling

The customer is now using DIRTT in other facilities because it is customizable, flexible and just plain looks good.  We partnered with the construction company, and their Installers were certified and trained in DIRTT.  This means that they have met the number of installations required by DIRTT and have passed an evaluation by a DIRTT technician.

For more information on DIRTT or other solutions, contact us at betterwaystowork@intereum.com

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