Canvas Office Landscape: Choice. Harmony. Connection.

Canvas Office Landscape

Canvas Office Landscape

Herman Miller’s Canvas Office Landscape is designed for today but will evolve for tomorrow.  Canvas is a holistic work environment that brings choice, harmony and connection to organizations and their spaces.  Canvas is a holistic perspective on work environments: it’s the next step for Vivo and Intent with ongoing design development.

Canvas Office Landscape Private Office Application

Canvas Office Landscape Private Office Application

Herman Miller understands that you want more and less, “More connection, more collaboration, more technology, more transparency, more flexibility, and more consistency.  Less real estate, less formality, less hassle, and less impact on the environment.”  Canvas is designed to encompass these needs and is a “kit of parts” that can accommodate many needs from private offices to open plans.  A variety of design is possible through combinations of finishes and colors. 

Canvas Office Landscape Open Plan

Canvas Office Landscape Open Plan

Some highlights of the Canvas solution:

  • Diverse and nimble design to respond to varying needs
  • Ability to lower horizon planes allowing more natural light throughout the space
  • Can move to an open plan allowing for privacy or openness
  • Bring existing Vivo and Intent installations forward as work continues to evolve
  • Allows for more teamwork and collaborative areas that build interaction, dialogue and contact
  • Supports business and people in a natural, balanced way
  • Aligns with Herman Miller’s belief that facilities are based on change

We have two new installations of Canvas in our Showroom.  Stop in and experience it for yourself!

To request more information, contact us at

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