Meridian: Modular. Stackable. Reversible.

Meridian Filing

Meridian Filing

Meridian is Herman Miller’s completely modular, stacking filing solution.  I’m including some photos of new idea starters with Meridian applications, but let’s review some reasons why Meridian is a classic. 

Specifying Meridian is a fully customizable spec-a-file solution.  You build it from the bottom up:

  • Start with a base
  • Add some drawers, shelving, storage, etc.
  • Pick a top
  • Adding finishes and texture along the way
Meridian Like Never Before

Meridian Like Never Before

Since Meridian is stacking, you buy only the filing inches you currently need.  When you need more filing inches, simply order new modules that insert into your filing unit.  This allows you to increase your filing inches without increasing your filing footprint.

Meridian in Action

Meridian in Action

The stackable design of Meridian lets you stack modules so that the drawer and door openings can face in opposite directions.  This is especially useful when a bank of files is used as a dividing wall or when one file bank is shared by two workstations – with separate locks per workstation.  The stackability allows for reconfiguration as well.  If you’re moving a 4-high file below a window, you can remove however many drawers you need to allow for the light. 

Meridian-supported Design

Meridian-supported Design

But where’s your real bang for your buck?  It’s Meridian’s extra filing capacity due to the 20” deep drawers (vs. 18” deep drawers).  This means hanging files front to back in a 30” wide drawer gives you 34% more filing capacity.  A 42” wide drawer gives you 38% more filing capacity.  More filing capacity means more efficient use of real estate square footage.

Come into our Showroom and see Meridian in action.  Stop in or make an appointment

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