The State of Hokki

VS America Hokki Stools

VS America Hokki Stools

VS International has been the #1 furniture and distribution manufacturer in Europe for years.  Six years ago, they moved across the pond and are VS America.  They specialize in learning-focused furniture for Education environments.  They believe in the flexible classroom – from flip-top tables that can double as a projection screen to lines of dynamic seating for students.  They are taking the classroom environment to the next level by embracing the classroom of the future: flexible furniture for a flexible learning environment.
Hokki Stools
Hokki Stools

The philosophy behind dynamic seating is simple: as the body moves, it creates more energy and pumps Oxygen to the brain which results in increased learning and retention.  Ergo-dynamic design engages learning – as the body moves, the furniture moves with it resulting in bodies and brains in motion.  The students do not need to focus on sitting still and can engage in the curriculum.  VS America has a strong portfolio of dynamic seating products for all ages. 

Hokki Stools are Stackable
Hokki Stools are Stackable

VS America took the concept of dynamic seating to the next level with the development of the Hokki Stool.  The Stool is an easy ergonomic sit but allows for twisting of the torso, bending of the knees and full range of arm movement.  VS calls this “free mobility under controlled conditions.” 

  • Allows this movement while staying quiet 
  • Concave-shaped base is made of Armstrong non-slip material and is floor protecting 
  • Lightweight, easy to handle product
  • Stacks neatly for storage 
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Available in 3 sizes (soon to be 4)

We are Hokki fans, and you should be too.  Come into our Plymouth Showroom and have a sit.  You will notice the difference.

For more information, contact us at

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