Ergonomics with Herman Miller

William Dowell - Herman Miller's Chief Ergonomist

William Dowell - Herman Miller's Chief Ergonomist

Herman Miller’s Chief Ergonomists, William Dowell, joined Intereum’s Sales and Design teams for an ergonomic lunch and learn earlier this week.  Lured by lunch, this blogger attended.  The following are some brief take-aways:

Repetitive motion injury costs have decreased by one third in the past decade.  Awareness of and training on ergonomics in the workplace is attributed for this reduction.  Great job to employers who are investing up front in the health of their employees!

Dual Monitor Arms

Dual Monitor Arms

Dual monitor arms increase productivity and are a smart way to use real estate.  Here are three reasons to use monitor arms:

  1. Shift Work/Shared Workstations.  This makes sense as focal points vary from person to person.
  2. As a user shifts position and posture, they will need to move their monitor arm.
  3. An individual’s focal point changes throughout the day – regardless of seated posture and position.
Height Adjustable Solution

Height Adjustable Solution

Question: What’s the recipe for healthy sitting?

Answer: A combination of sitting and standing.  Studies are showing that as little as five minutes of standing per hour replenishes the sitting muscles.  However, it is ideal for workhorse employees who are tied to their workstations for more than six hours to have a sit to stand workspace.

Last week, Ellen gave her audience Herman Miller Setu chairs.  Another popular chair moment on Ellen.

To learn more about ergonomics, visit Herman Miller’s website.  You’ll find videos, tips, tools and more!

To meet with an ergonomist, contact us at 763.417.3300 or

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