Swoop: New Herman Miller Lounge Seating collection

Swoop is a new lounge seating collection by Herman Miller.  Brian Kane was selected to design the new collection.  Known for furnishing airports, banks and hotels, Kane’s received over 80 design awards and his designs have been exhibited at the Whitney and Brooklyn Museums in New York and the Museum of Modern art in San Francisco.

Swoop Lounge Collection

Swoop Lounge Collection

 Totally modular and flexible, Swoop was designed to fit how you sit, work in many furnishing applications and plug into collaboration and technology. 

Swoop was designed with molded plywood curves to allow for total end user comfort.  The user can sit upright, lean comfortably, lay down or put their feet up.  The furniture was designed to support work, rest or play. 

Swoop Lounge Furniture

Swoop Lounge Furniture

The sweeping curves of the modular components allow for many applications: offices, collaborative areas, informal learning settings, conference environments and waiting areas.  The applications can be formal or casual.  Swoop is perfect for Education, Government, Corporate, Law and Healthcare environments.

The lounge seating incorporates tables into the line.  There are freestanding tables that can double as seating.  There are chairs that make up a sofa, but order a powered same-height table in place of one of the chairs so the end users can plug in.  There are short, powered tables that can be clustered together for an informal seating area.  These tables can also double as ottomans.

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