The U of M STSS Center: Thinking Green and Choosing DIRTT

DIRTT at the U of M's STSS Center
DIRTT at the U of M’s STSS Center

Intereum and DIRTT have partnered on several successful installations at the University of Minnesota.  The latest installation for the new Science Teaching and Student Services (STSS) Center will be toured by the IIDA Northland at 6:00PM on November 8.  

The building has five stories and overlooks downtown Minneapolis, the West Bank and the Mississippi River.  It is across the street from the Weisman Art Museum, so it was designed to be a stand-out building.  The STSS Center exceeds Minnesota’s stringent B3 sustainable design code and will seek LEED Gold certification.

DIRTT at the U of M's STSS Center

DIRTT at the U of M's STSS Center

DIRTT has an extremely strong environmental story, so it is a no-brainer to include it in a building that is shooting for LEED certification.  But there were other considerations…  DIRTT’s ICE and ICEVision softwares permitted the U of M to plan, budget and visualize the project so there were no surprises with the installation.  DIRTT’s ability to use the U of M’s own custom glass allowed for the glass to be conducive with the rest of the building’s features and elements – it is performance glass that features a custom ceramic frit pattern to improve energy efficiency and building performance.  Intereum and DIRTT were able to work within the schedule of the U of M and were present at the construction meetings.  The result is a beautiful technology-driven building that houses two large lecture halls, five multipurpose classrooms and 10 active learning classrooms.

For more information about this tour, visit the IIDA Northland Website.

For more information on Intereum and DIRTT solutions, email us at

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