Herman Miller Compass System and Infection Prevention

Compass is Designed for Infection Prevention: Utilizing the Capillary Effect
Designed for Infection Prevention: Utilizing the Capillary Effect

You know by now that Herman Miller’s Compass System allows for flexible Healthcare environments through modularity.  You also know that the intelligent infrastructure accommodates Healthcare’s utility needs.  But did you know that Compass could possibly save lives?  Well, that is a little over the top…  Here’s what we mean:

Compass is completely cleanable.  It is designed to withstand the harsh sanitizers that are important to the Healthcare industry.  One of the biggest reasons to be interested in Compass is the amazing infection prevention capability of the entire system.  Yes, it is cleanable – but it goes beyond clean.  It is designed to prevent infection and control spills. 

Angled Faucet and Offset Drain to Minimize Splash Back
Angled Faucet and Offset Drain to Minimize Splash Back

With the recent reimbursement changes for inpatient acquired illnesses, many of Compass’s details can save hospitals big bucks.  A shingled seam between horizontal tiles and components prevents spills from seeping into gaps and eliminates the spread of infection.  The tiles and components are wrapped in a virtually PVC-free material, Durawrap, that requires no edge banding – resulting in a seamless surface that is cleanable and durable.  Spilled fluids are kept from seeping into the drawers below by a surface priority edge design that has a radius and back cut.  Corian surfaces are cleanable, impervious to liquids and resistant to staining.

Compass does all this while remaining appealing.  It is available in wood-grain and solid finishes.  There are many material and finish options for storage pulls, supports and brackets.  The pulls are made of materials that cushion the impact when bumped into – reducing pain and bruising to busy Caregivers. It also comes with Herman Miller’s 12 year, 3-shift warranty.

Compass is a product that needs to be experienced to fully grasp.  We have a display in our Plymouth showroom.  We will have a display on site at the MN Convention Center for the AIA Convention November 2-4.  We welcome you to navigate over to our booth #351 and see what all the buzz is about.

For more informaion, email us at betterwaystowork@intereum.com

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