Better Ways to Work for TN Marketing: A DIRTT Success Story

DIRTT Private Offices and Viewing Room
DIRTT Private Offices and Viewing Room

TN Marketing is a creative marketing firm in Plymouth, MN. TN Marketing, Intereum and DIRTT partnered to create a beautiful, crisp space that enhances, supports TN Marketing’s creative environment.  Cal Franklin, the President and CEO of TN Marketing, invited us in for a look around their office.  We are delighted by the installation!

DIRTT Office with Bamboo Pattern Film
DIRTT Office with Double Sliding Barn Doors

There are many private offices and a viewing room upstairs.  Hanging televisions and office furniture off the walls really puts the walls to work.  Instead of using tackable surfaces, TN Marketing chose to use magnetic back-painted glass – also allowing for an extra pop of color.

DIRTT Office with Herman Miller Embody Chairs
Conference Area in DIRTT Office with Herman Miller Embody Chairs

Choosing DIRTT really shows environmental and financial savvy.  The use of DIRTT means that there will be less trash in the landfills up front and over time.  The walls will depreciate over seven years.  Since TN Marketing owns the walls, they can take the walls with them if they move.  Purchasing DIRTT walls really shows that TN Marketing can adapt  to change and can keep their business as flexible as it needs to be without being constrained by permanent walls.

DIRTT Barn Door
DIRTT Barn Door

While standing in Cal’s beautiful office with etched glass and Herman Miller Embody chairs gathered in a conference area, we could really see the visual intention for the space.  TN Marketing chose to use a lot of glass with bright color accents.  The space flows with the abundance of natural light.  Cal remarked that he was able to really understand the options and get ideas from his visit to DIRTT’s Chicago Showroom.

For more information on this installation or to learn more about your space and DIRTT, contact us at – feel free to stop by our Plymouth Showroom where we have DIRTT in action!

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