Unframed: The Inspiration Behind Herman Miller’s New SAYL Chair

SAYL Chair - Herman Miller and Yves Behar
SAYL Chair – Herman Miller and Yves Behar

Herman Miller and Yves Behar partnered to design the new SAYL chair – a lower-priced and innovative ergonomic solution.  Inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge, this chair does more with less by eliminating the frame and introducing suspension support. 

The 3D molded intelligent suspension supports along the spine, sacral and lumbar areas to properly position the back, neck and pelvis while intentionally comfortable.  The sides of the chair are thin and flexible promoting mobility (without compromising support) which pumps oxygen to the user’s brain.  The chair is available with the suspension back or upholstered back – high-back or mid-back.  SAYL is a family of chairs from task seating to guest seating.  There are a plethora of finish options and, of course, Herman Miller’s comprehensive 12-year, 3-shift warranty.

SAYL Family of Chairs

SAYL Family of Chairs

But we knew the chair would be totally ergonomic, customizable and innovative – it is a Herman Miller chair after all.  George Nelson.  Charles Eames.  And now, Yves Behar.  It only makes sense that this Company and this Designer would partner. 

Both are committed to a better world through minimizing environmental impact and focusing on enhancing the human experience.  Herman Miller is committed to a zero operational footprint by 2020.  Fuseproject develops strategies that include a complete logistics evaluation, from manufacturing, distribution, shipping, customer experience and Cradle to Cradle solutions.  Herman Miller is committed to creating products that physically support the user and is consistently ranked in the 100 best companies to work for by Forbes.  Fuseproject is engaged in Civic Works where they work either “at cost” or pro bono.

Herman Miller and Behar are upholding the Eames quote “the best, the most, for the least.”  The best design with the innovative suspension back.  The most support using the 3D intelligent suspension with the comprehensive 12-year warranty.  The least amount of money and environmental impact.  SAYL’s starting price is under $400.  The chair was designed with an eco-dematerialized approach to remove anything that was not necessary – from materials that make up the chair to the shipping of it disassembled to utilize a smaller box.

Have an unframed experience in our showroom – the sit says it all. 

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