Reuse. Refresh. Renu-Space.

One of the freshest concepts we have come across lately is Renu-Space – they deliver a big bang for your shrinking buck. 

What is Renu-Space?  Renu-Space is a new process for reupholstering your existing workstation panels.

How do they do it?  They are thin tiles upholstered in fabric that attach to the outside of your existing panels.

Workstation before Renu-Space

Workstation before Renu-Space

Renu-Space is a great way to add a segmented panel look with updated color and dimension to any workstation or fabric hallway.  Reusing your existing workstations allows you to stretch your original investment.  Reupholstering your panels with Renu-Space means that your workstations remain intact, panels stay out of the landfill, pertains to some LEED credits and graded in fabrics are 100% recycled polyester.  Unlike traditional reupholstering, your furniture keeps its original UL listing and most of the manufacturer’s warranties are uneffected. 

Workstation with Renu-Space Installation

Workstation with Renu-Space Installation

Using a 3M proprietary fastener developed specifically for Renu-Space, the tiles are quickly and easily adhered to existing panels by installers or on-site Facilities personnel.  The components of many systems will not need to be removed for installation.  This makes planning the refresh logistically easier on Facilities, less intrusive on the end user and less impactful on the budget.

We love partnering with this Minnesota-owned company.  It’s simple.  It’s Easy. It’s cost effective.  It’s a no-brainer.  View a video of an installation and see for yourself why: Customer Installation

Visit to learn more.  We have an installation in our Showroom if you would like to see Renu-Space in action.


  1. I am very interested in learning more about your product. Can you give me a list of the panel systems it will work on? How does the bottom of the tile stay in place, what about the ends is their some sort of finished end? Also do you have some sort of divide piece between the tiles to make it a more segmented look?


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