Compass: Healthcare’s Better Kind of Better

By now, we all know that Herman Miller’s Compass System won the Best of NeoCon Gold this year.  Now that we have a full display of the product in our showroom, I can see why – it’s one of those products that you need to see and touch to experience.

Compass System at Intereum's Showroom

Compass System at Intereum's Showroom

Infection control.  Cleanability.  Modularity. 

Infection control: Compass was designed with infection control in mind.  They offset the drain from the sink spout to minimize splashing.  The surfaces and overlapping tiles are seamless and wrapped so it’s harder for liquids to seep into unseen areas. 

Cleanability: The tiles and components are wrapped in Durawrap (which is PVC-free and is seamless, cleanable, and durable.)  There is a shingled seam between tiles and components that prevents spills from seeping into gaps and eliminates the spread of infection.  Compass is designed to stand up to the cleaning requirements in healthcare environments. 

Compass's sink: designed for infection control

Compass's sink: designed for infection control

Modularity: Compass navigates change.  The components are easily assembled, removed, rearranged and refreshed.  Compass is a modular system of interchangeable components for hospital and outpatient facilities.  It is used for patient rooms, exam rooms, caregiver work areas and other clinical spaces.  While treatment processes continually evolve – Compass is designed to adapt.

Compass is available in a full range of finishes from traditional to contemporary, and of course, it’s backed with Herman Miller’s 12-year, 3-shift warranty which includes parts and labor.

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