Fuseproject: A Branding Movement

“Humanistic design must tap into the ‘giving’ element of our profession. It must be deeply in-tune with the needs to create a sustainable future, deeply connected with emotional needs, and deeply self-expressive.”  – Yves Behar

What do accessible laptops, desirable water, sustainable underwear and Herman Miller lighting and seating have in common?  Fuseproject

LEAF Light

LEAF Light

Fuseproject was founded by Yves Behar in 1999 and is an award-winning branding and industrial design firm.  They develop and enhance brands for clients big and small from various markets: fortune 100, non-profit organizations, museums, universities, etc. 

They partnered with Herman Miller on creating lighting: LEAF lamp and Ardea light.  They focus on design of course, but there truly is an emphasis on the low-energy consumption.  The LEAF won the Gold award in 2006 at Neocon. 

Ardea Light

Ardea Light

 Yves Behar and Herman Miller teamed up on the new SAYL chair – inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge.  We will introduce that chair soon, but we would like to spotlight some of Behar’s other collaborations first.  Visit us again in the near future to learn more about Yves Behar and fuseproject (or you could have a look for yourself at http://www.fuseproject.com/index.php)

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