Setu: Sitting is Believing


Setu Training

Setu Training

The creation of the Setu family reinvented multipurpose seating with its family of multipurpose chairs, lounge seating and ottomans.  I’ve had the chance to introduce this chair to many visitors in the showroom, and everyone asks what our favorite application for the multipurpose chair is.  Yes, it is comfortable enough to be a task chair and the price point is desirable, but just wait until Herman Miller rolls out the highly anticipated AVS task chair (coming soon)!

Setu Conference

Setu Conference

Our favorite application for the Setu multipurpose chair is conference/training room seating.  The support of the chair is wonderful, and we really like that there are no adjustments – brought to you by the kinematic spine that uses your weight to adjust to your body while seated.  This allows for the passive support to be dynamic and adjust to the user’s needs the entire time they are seated.

We also like that the chair is eight pounds.  The chair easy to move around the room as people move from individual participation to collaborative and breakout areas. 

I encourage you to stop into our showroom and try this chair.  Contact us at if you would like to set up an appointment.

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