Becoming an Agent of Change through Inspiration

“How do we inspire ourselves to greatness when nothing less will do?  How do we inspire everyone around us?  I sometimes think it is by using the work of others.” 


The Office: A Facility Based on Change

The Office: A Facility Based on Change

Intereum has been getting more requests than ever to provide options that enable spaces to be flexible, adaptable, sustainable and collaborative.  Other popular topics in our projects are “how do we do more with less?” or “how do we plan for what hasn’t been created (or even sometimes –thought of) yet?”  This new way of thinking is particularly prevalent in healthcare and education.  We are experiencing a time of unprecedented development in technology.  These (and other industries) are facing the realities of how to deal with aging facilities and how to make those facilities compliant with new technologies and requirements.  How are these industries going to continue to justify their increasing fees when their facilities no longer are able to support the latest and greatest technologies?

Interestingly, this thought process has been around since 1968.  Robert Propst (the creator of Herman Miller’s Action Office System, CoStruc and many other products) wrote about this paradigm shift in his The Office: A Facility Built on Change.   He states, “We must reserve the right to change our minds.”  Another book called The Third Teacher writes about 79 case studies that show how small changes to the traditional educational environment can greatly influence the way students learn. 

The Third Teacher

The Third Teacher

With these books and other white papers, our focus is to change paradigms and enable people to be able to talk about these issues.  The disconnect is one of communication and vocabulary.  Continue to join us at this blog to further explore the topics of flexibility, adaptability, sustainability and collaboration.

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