Come Thrive with Us: Herman Miller’s New Ergonomic Portfolio


Daisyone - One of the many new ergonomic tools from Herman Miller

Herman Miller’s taken initiative in Ergonomics in the work place since 1973 when the Ergon was first introduced.  Earlier this year, Herman Miller acquired Colebrook Bosson and Saunders, a known leader in quality ergonomic tools.  Herman Miller went one step further and launched the Thrive Portfolio with these ergonomic tools in conjunction with HMI’s ergonomic products.  The result?  A vast portfolio of ergonomic work tools, seating, personal lighting, performance tables, and technology tools along with well trained Ergonomic Consultants that see to the proper use and education of these work place tools. 

It’s common knowledge that using a keyboard tray will reduce the risk of carpal tunnel, but when used in conjunction with a monitor arm, cpu holder and the correct ergonomic chair, these tools will significantly reduce the risk work place injuries.  Along with these work tools, the user needs to understand how to properly adjust each tool to fit their personal comfort level. 

 Intereum’s showroom is filled with a variety of these work tools and an Ergonomic Consultant is always close at hand.  To see these tools in person, or to make an appointment with the Ergonomic Consultant, please contact us at 763.417.3300 or 

 View the entire Thrive Portfolio collection at and click on the Trive button.

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