Intereum and Syngenta Seeds, Inc. — A Success Story

Below you’ll find how Herman Miller and Intereum helped Syngenta Seeds, Inc. sprout new life out of its workspace.


Syngenta Seeds knows the importance of strong roots. Problem was, its own roots in suburban Minneapolis needed some room to spread out.

Having expanded out of one leased facility and into a second, the marketer of agricultural seeds decided it was time to replant–with new construction that would bring everyone together and leave plenty of room for future growth.

But the move wasn’t just a case of bigger is better. It was an opportunity to introduce an open, collaborative, more innovative culture that the company’s old workspace seemed to blunt with walled offices, tall cubicles, and narrow corridors.

To turn that around, Syngenta’s new space reduces the number of private offices by more than half and puts most folks in Herman Miller’s Resolve system, which uses low screens to grant privacy, yet encourage collaboration. (Other Herman Miller furniture includes Eames molded plywood chairs in the cafeteria, Avive tables in project rooms, and Tu filing and storage throughout.)

Beyond the workstations, dozens of informal areas–lounges, coffee bars, casual meeting tables, and an open café–also spark spontaneous connections. So does the central stairway, where landings are extra large and comfortably furnished, the better to support impromptu interaction.

“We wanted to encourage a new way of working,” says Caroline Ridout, facilities manager for Syngenta Seeds. “Here, work can happen anywhere–you don’t have to sit at your workstation or in a conference room to get things done.”

Aside from consolidating its people under one roof and getting them to work better together, Syngenta had a third goal: sustainability. Sustainable agriculture is central to its mission, so the company figured sustainable construction, furnishings, and operations would help set the tone.

To see the full story and video, click here.

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