Herman Miller Stories From A Classic: Hilda Longinotti at Intereum

Seemingly in a working retirement, veteran Herman Miller A&D liasion Hilda Longinotti is on for a 15 city story-telling tour. In 2009 Hilda celebrated her retirement after 35 years with the company. Longinotti famously started in the industry as an assistant to George Nelson, and had worked her way into a role as one of Herman Millers most recognizable faces. On Thursday, May 16th she visited Minneapolis, MN and the Intereum Showroom.

Frequent jokes about “senior moments,” and the comedic banter about what was and wasn’t in the script, only served to make the evening even more memorable and amusing. Revealing all the behind-the-scenes stories and comical moments throughout her lifetime, Hilda drew the room in. Dynamic and magnetic as ever, she told stories about how the relationship between Herman Miller and George Nelson came to be, even describing an event between George Nelson and Andy Warhol, before the latter became famous.

Hilda Longinotti Marshmallow Pillow Card

Successive photos of Hilda and her many friends and colleagues, merely exemplified the life of a person who continues to challenge the design world. The pretzel chair, the sling sofa, the coconut chair, the marshmallow sofa, the bubble lamp—the evolution of interior design played right before our eyes.

To see some “Stories From A Classic” and catch Hilda in here element, click on the YouTube video below for video of the event at Intereum.

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