The Intereum Blog Is Now “Better Ways To Work”

The Intereum Blog is now “Better Ways To Work”.  What does this mean?  Interem has always been the place that brings you “Better Ways To Work.”  With over 25 years of experience, whatever your industry, we’re your single-source partner to help you in finding a better space to work.  We are your quick-response resource for a range of superior products.

On this blog we can explore a number or different topics relating to design the design industry, work spaces, furniture design, and technology relating back to “Better Ways To Work”.  Over the past few years the office design industry has been flooded with new trends.  What we are seeing the most is the need for lots of flexibility and along with that the integration of technology.  We also believe what work is done in a space and how that relates to a business is very important.  The new work model is no longer one size fits all.

We look forward to sharing our expertise with you on our blog as we bring you information about our products and ideas about Better Ways To Work.

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