Babe It’s Cold Outside: C2 Personal Climate Control

Battling over control of the office thermostat / air conditioning tends to be a passive aggressive flashpoint in any place of work, and the C2 climate control definitely fills a niche. Replacing the role of a regular personal fan, the C2 from Herman Miller allows users to adjust the surrounding temperature up to a 40 degree increase, and an 8 degree decrease, taking 72 degrees F (22 degrees C) as the starting temperature.

C2 is a personal heating and cooling unit and is one of the newest technology-driven designs from the Herman Miller Creative Office. It responds to one of the most vexing issues in the work environment–personal temperature control without interfering with the neighbor’s climate.

As stated early, a common problem in today’s work environment is finding a temperature that works for everyone.  C2 can solve that issue for individuals in an energy-efficient and safe way.


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