What is DIRTT? “Doing It Right This Time” & Creating Sustainable Workspaces With Movable Walls

People in the design industry have know for years that movable walls are better for the environment and building life cycle cost than dry-wall.  DIRTT has created interior wall systems that provide a beautiful, productive, long-term asset.

Sustainability is a huge buzz word these days in the building and construction industry but can be lacking in the construction of office interiors.  With DIRTT demountable walls office interiors can be reconfigured and reused, unlike in traditional construction with dry-wall.

In a recent article on Suite101.com, some ways to get the best benefits of the DIRTT movable walls were outlined:

  • The walls are modular and customizable. Designers can create an infinite variety of surface textures, colors and looks all within the DIRTT portfolio of solid, glass and panel walls. Special finishes can be applied that render walls suitable for writing on, the equivalent of posting whiteboards throughout an organization.
  • With frequent changes the norm in commercial interiors, clients prefer to save money by reusing materials. In conventionally-constructed interiors, entirely new walls must be erected and new electrical wiring installed with each reconfiguration. DIRTT walls by contrast can be moved and reused with minimal disruption.
  • Other financial benefits include the fact that DIRTT wall systems are cheaper to erect than conventional drywall partitions in most geographic jurisdictions of North America. Thanks to the modularity of DIRTT products and the plug and play attributes for the electrical connections, wall erection is also faster, with smaller crews and no waste on site.
  • Interior designers and distributors of wall systems appreciate DIRTT’s adaptability. It is suitable for use in renovations and new buildings. The walls whether half or full height can be erected directly on top of carpet tiles; there’s no fussing with fitting carpet to walls after an installation.
  • Eco-friendly wall finishes are applied at the manufacturing facility before assembly of components; by the time the finished product is delivered for erection at the customer’s premises, environmental hazards have been averted.

DIRTT walls prove that no aesthetic compromise is required to realize green interiors. It’s time for designers and architects to catch up and begin choosing reusable walls in office interiors.

One Comment

  1. I work in communications at DIRTT; this blog regularly comes up with the Google alerts I receive. We appreciate the mention, and I also wanted to congratulate the writer on this blog, and others that you have publised – well done!

    I would love to connect with someone at your end. Reading the list of avaialble suspects under your team, I am uncertain whom that would be. I’ll look forward to your response.

    best, Andree Iffrig, tel. 403 450 7617


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