Update Office Furniture The Green Way With Renu-Space

Do you have cubicles in your office that are old, out-dated, and just plain ugly but don’t have the money for all new office furniture?  Renu-Space is a brilliant new product that gives an eco-friendly & economic solution to updating office furniture.  With Renu-Space you take your existing monolithic panels to create the segmented look of new office furniture.

We have Renu-Space installed on workstation in our Intereum showroom.  Scott from Renu-Space stopped by the other day to give us a demo and show us how the system works.

When Renu-Space is installed in an office environment there is less money spent on labor because the panels can be installed on some systems without removing work-surfaces and components.  In fact, Renu-Space is so easy to install that it can be installed by your employees.  When Renu-Space is being installed there is no need to disconnect phones, computer or power from the panel system so there is zero employee downtime.

Renu-Space is relevant to many LEED points on new construction or major remodeling projects. Traditional methods of reupholstering office furniture often require the older fabric to be removed and disposed of. Renu-Space is fastened over existing fabric, completely preventing the old fabric from being sent to a landfill.

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