Connectrac: The Simple Solution For Connecting Power / Voice / Data

Have you ever seen, or possibly worked in, an environment where there are cords and cables everywhere?  In today’s data and communication heavy world it is impossible not to have multiple different electrical wires going to each workstation, not to mention inside of conference rooms.  Another fact that complicates today’s workplace is that flexibility is needed now more than ever as changes can happen at what sometimes seems like the speed of light.  Connectrac is truly a brilliant product in that it solves the problem of cords & cables in the workplace in a simple, economical and elegant way while still giving the users flexibility.

Clinton Strong from Connectrac visited Intereum and gave the company a presentation about their raceway systems. Connectrac  provides floor-mounted, low-profile raceway systems for power, voice, and data.  All Connectrac systems are economical, flexible, and relocatable, inviting you to get connected without being tied down.  Here is a video of Clinton while he presenting to the staff at Intereum:

Connectrac floor-mounted electrical raceway systems consist of a shallow track with a removable aluminum cap, forming a rectangular conduit to encase electrical wires.  A number of devices can be located along the track, providing connectivity where needed, and a variety of finish options can cover the track, integrating it with the existing design elements.

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