Architects & Designers Branch Out During The Recession

Debi van Zyl Bradley Doll

Debbi Van Zyl Bradley Doll

Some architects and designers are expanding into completely new practice areas during the current economic downtown.  This trend is happening particularly in the LA area where architects have been sharply affected after years of growth.  Architect Barbara Bestor is acting as creative director on a number or brand identity projects, working on graphics, logos, and web identity for clients that include Fuse Entertainment, Pitfire Pizza, and several start-up restaurants.

doll rex

Debbie Van Zyl Rex Doll

Another architect, LA-based Debi Van Zyl, is finding some success at selling hand-knitted children’s dolls on the website  One doll, named Bernard, looks like a cross between a hammerhead shark, a lizzard, and an alien; none wear black-rimmed circular glasses.

While no one believes the recession has ended, there are indications the worst may be over.  The American Institute of Architect’s Architecture Billings Index, after two and a half years of decline, reports that demand for housing seems to be rebounding.

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