“Spark” Award Given To Herman Miller Twist LED Light


At the premier SparkAwards exhibition on October 29, 2009 the Twist Light from Herman Miller Inc. received the “Spark!” award.  The Twist Light was designed by Yves Behar from fuseproject.

The “Spark!” was the highest level of recognition among four levels of honors including; “Spark!”, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  Yves Behar was at the ceremony at the Autodesk Design Gallery in San Francisco to accept the award.  SparkAward was a mulit-level design award including designers from all skill sets from students to professionals and was the world’s first ever competition of it’s kind.


Twist is Herman Miller’s new, energy-efficient, eco-friendly undershelf LED light for systems furniture, providing value, simplicity, and personal control for office workers. Twist demonstrates Herman Miller’s leadership in innovation, performance, and sustainability by using fewer raw materials and providing a lighting solution that’s efficient to operate and maintain.

Béhar is the founder of fuseproject, an integrated design firm dedicated to the development of the emotional experience of brands through story-telling. “New technologies are driving a fundamental shift in the way people think about lighting,” says Béhar. “With LEDs in particular, their incredible efficiency, extremely small form factor and minimal maintenance requirements are changing the way people conceive of, design, and integrate lighting into the built environment.”

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