New iPhone Application for LEED Exam Prep

LEED app

Reuters is reporting that the nation’s leader in sustainable design education, Green Education Services, is launching a “flashcard” iPhone application.  LEED Green Associate Flashcards are now available in the iTunes Store.  It is a first of it’s kind application with over 350 flashcards, instructor support, and an intuitive interface.


Zach Rose, the CEO of Green Education Services, said this in a statement to Reuters:

“We quickly realized that while there are plenty of options for students to purchase printed flashcards for the LEED Examinations, there were no apps that allowed you to study directly from your iPhone,” said Zach Rose, CEO of Green Education Services. “Having already sold thousands of sets of flashcards for LEED prep, these applications were the next logical step and are a digital,more environmentally conscious way to study.”

The application costs $19.99 and comes with a discount code for $100 off of a Green Education Services live LEED seminar.

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