Herman Miller Select 2009 – It’s The Tops

Picture 5

A year ago Herman Miller created Select.  It is a once a year limited edition release for those with good taste and an eye for design.

The 2009 release puts a fresh spin on one of Charles Eames’ passions: toys.  Inspired by Charles and Ray’s philosophy of ‘serious pleasure’ and their 1969 film, “Tops”, Herman Miller has created an original set of spinning tops.

Charles Eames once said, “Toys are not really as innocent as they look.  Toys and games are preludes to serious ideas.”  Charles and Ray Eames were both avid toy collectors and considered playtime productive time.  They recognized what psychologists have since realized; the act of play causes the brain to fire in new ways.


With Eames inspiration and Herman Miller innovation a classic combination prompted the Select release for this year.  A collection of three wooden tops, each with original sculptural profile, each crafted of exquisite walnut.  Designed by the New York City design studio, KleinReid, the Tops are both classic toys and kinetic art.

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